FAB-U-WISH - Wishes We’ve Granted


Shannon is a mother and a wife who was diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer. She went through many rounds of chemo and radiation, but luckily Shannon’s condition was able to improve from terminal to treatable. The treatments were tough, however, and Shannon was left with low spirits and low confidence in her appearance. With a young daughter, Shannon wanted to make sure that no matter what happened, her daughter would photos of Shannon looking her most beautiful.  Read more


“I am strong... I am powerful... I am fearless... I am Davina. I wear my pink ribbon proudly because I am beating cancer.” Davina, a mother and wife with no breast cancer history, was 34 when diagnosed. She was sure it was the end, that she would not survive the aggressive, HER2 positive tumor. Davina endured multiple surgeries, 18 rounds of chemotherapy and 35 sessions of radiation. The chemotherapy was especially hard on her body, causing internal damage that took many months to recover from. Even with her friends' and family’s support through it all, the stress, the loss of her beautiful hair, and the changes to her body, caused Davina to lose confidence in herself. Read more


Synthia was diagnosed in April and has been fighting cancer since. She has undergone five surgeries including a mastectomy and the removal of her lymph nodes. Currently in the midst of chemotherapy, she knows that she may have additional surgeries to face after completing treatment. Synthia lost all of her hair shortly after starting chemo – leaving her feeling a bit insecure. When GOOP came to us looking for a deserving woman in need of a wig, FAB-U-WISH and The Pink Agenda knew exactly who to call. Together, we granted Synthia a day of beauty to brighten her spirit and boost her confidence as she continues her fight.  Read more


"You're too young," Mary was told. We are "99% sure this is not cancer," said her doctors. But Mary had a feeling deep down that she should continue to be checked and after nearly a month, it was confirmed. The lump in her right breast was cancer. After losing her beautiful, long brown hair to chemo, she elected to have a bilateral mastectomy instead of opting for radiation therapy. She finally thought that her breast cancer journey had come to a close. However, less than a year after her mastectomy, the cancer returned in the same region. This was devastating. She proceeded through the treatments and reconstructive process all over again. Read more


Lisa was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 37, just six short years after her mother had been diagnosed with the same type of breast cancer. As a single mother, Lisa has had to split her time between her two children, ages two and six, and her draining treatments. Since the diagnosis, she has undergone a double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery, and has even gone back to work full time. Luckily, her parents have been extremely helpful to her throughout treatment in helping to care for her children, but her house felt crowded and disorganized.  Read more


When Rachel received the news that the small bump she found in her breast was actually a very aggressive form of breast cancer, Invasive Lobular Carcinoma, she was shocked. She found out just as she was turning 34. Rachel is a self-employed single mother of two wonderful boys. After diagnosis, she moved forward with a double mastectomy very quickly. Although an MRI the week before surgery showed no signs of the cancer spreading, everyone was surprised that the cancer had moved on to some of her lymph nodes. Since the cancer spread, she needed an aggressive chemo treatment commenced shortly after surgery, and Rachel faced an uphill battle over the next year. Through it all, Rachel kept a positive outlook and unbelievable faith.  Read more


“I didn’t want them to know how bad I actually felt” Nancy said, in reference to her three daughters, shortly after she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer on August 26, 2012. She underwent an extremely difficult process following the diagnosis including chemo, a lumpectomy, a double mastectomy, reconstructive surgery, and even a disintegrating marriage. Nancy finished her chemo in January 2013 while working as a Trauma ER to support her three daughters and she could not afford to take any more time off. She had to perform difficult tasks like CPR while worrying about her own health and hoping that her wounds wouldn’t split open in the process. Read more


At the young age of 24 years old, Michele found out the devastating news that her mother had cancer.  Michele was pregnant during her mother’s battle with cancer, so her friends threw her baby shower at her mother’s care center. Although she put up an incredible fight, Michele’s mother unfortunately lost her battle just two weeks after Michele’s first baby was born. At only 25 years old, a first time mother herself, Michele was left without any parents to lean on. Read more


Anne, a 30-year old who recently received a clean bill of health was granted her wish to throw a dinner party for the friends and family to thank them for all of their support. Throughout a difficult year, Anne was constantly overwhelmed with the kindness and love her friends and family showed her and wanted to host a party to express her gratitude. A St. Louis restaurant, Home Wine Kitchen, was happy to host– offering a wine and dinner pairing and an intimate private room. We helped Anne create an invitation and a small gift (ornaments) for each of her guests. TPA was lucky to have the opportunity to meet Anne when she came to NYC to visit friends after the party. It was such  a treat to get to meet one of our FAB-U-WISH friends in person!  Read more


Leslie, a dynamic wife and mother, was diagnosed with breast cancer in December of 2013 and underwent rigorous treatment through May of 2014. After all of the stress and hardships of treatment, Leslie received a well-deserved FAB-U-WISH weekend complete with pampering, glamour and more. Her exciting weekend kicked off with a styling appointment with Michael Kors and Theodora Polamalu, the wife of Michele's favorite Steelers player, where she was able to select an ensemble that made her look and feel fabulous from head to toe. Next on the agenda was an outing to the annual Steelers Nation Black & Gold Style event where she and her family had the opportunity to walk the red carpet and meet the players. To round off the weekend, Leslie and her family received VIP tickets to Sunday’s game as the Steelers took on the Indianapolis Colts. For Leslie, who has received ongoing support from the Cancer Caring Center, a local non-profit organization that is the beneficiary of Steelers Nation Black & Gold Style, it sure was a winning weekend. See some of the magic from Leslie’s FAB-U-WISH weekend -    Read more