The Pink Agenda finds, funds, and partners with people and programs that are improving the lives of those suffering from breast cancer and conducting the groundbreaking research necessary to improve their odds.

To do so, we support the work of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and now also FAB-U-WISH, an initiative established by breast cancer survivor and E! News anchor and television personality Giuliana Rancic to help women undergoing treatment for breast cancer feel fabulous.


There were many factors that helped Giuliana during her struggle to conceive and the resulting pre-IVF mammogram that revealed she had early-stage breast cancer, including her husband Bill’s unwavering support and the love and encouragement she received from fans all over the world.

But getting all dolled up for work—having her hair and makeup done, putting on a glamorous gown, and receiving the full Hollywood treatment—helped too, serving as its own form of therapy that made her feel more like a princess than a patient. By indulging in the things that made her look and feel good, Giuliana was able to retain her confidence and optimism even in the midst of her devastating diagnosis. Now, Giuliana wants to share that experience with other women battling breast cancer, and, together with The Pink Agenda, make their most fabulous wishes come true.

Unleash your creativity; we’re wielding insider influence, not wands, so think big and let Giuliana and The Pink Agenda make your FAB-U-WISH come true.