Speaker Series

The Pink Agenda Speaker Series presents young breast cancer survivors and previvors as they put a tangible spin on the lived experience of breast cancer and living with an elevated risk of diagnosis, while also presenting breast cancer basics.  Through personal stories and anecdotes from their own journeys as well as decades of combined experience supporting some of the top breast cancer researchers in the country, The Pink Agenda’s Speaker Series Speakers work to educate, inform, inspire, and motivate the audience about ways to think about their own health while understanding the expansive reach of this disease for so many survivors, previvors, care givers, loved ones and friends. 

Launched in late 2014, The Pink Agenda’s Speaker Series has reached thousands of men and women presenting both virtually and in person for women's corporate groups, young professionals’ groups, colleges, offices, fraternities and sororities, and community organizations. Past seminars have been held at LinkedIn, Mercedes USA, Brookfield, Santander, NBC Women's Network, Estée Lauder, Boston University, UPenn Panhellenic Council, Duke University, Harvard University, Weil Gotshal, Cushman & Wakefield, and more. 


Who would benefit from a Speaker Series lecture?  Everyone! Our most common participants are young women, but most seminars are open and tailored for mixed groups, professionals, and youth and their parents.

Is there a cost?  While we greatly appreciate a tax-deductible donation to The Pink Agenda made by the organization or participants, we are passionate about raising awareness, care about this cause and do not charge a fee to appear and present.  We just ask that you supply the participants and a space (either in person or virtually) for us to hold the seminar!

Is any equipment required?  We have a fantastic visual presentation that we use to guide our discussion, so a large screen of some kind is preferred.  We can send the digital file to you ahead of time.

How long is the presentation?  We suggest an hour to ensure we have time for quality discussion and Q&A.

Do you have a printout?  Yes!  Prior to the presentation, we provide a one-sheeter about the seminar and the speakers.  Following the event we provide a highlight sheet with important take-aways to maintain personal breast health and wellness.

How can we schedule a presentation? Click here to learn more! 

Can you tell us more about the presenters?

Pamela Berkowitz, a Vice President and Wealth Planner at Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. in Chicago, is a breast cancer survivor and serves as a member of The Pink Agenda’s Board of Directors.  Pam lost her mother to breast cancer and used the knowledge of her elevated risk as a tool to detect her own breast cancer at the earliest possible stage.  Pam works to educate others to be similarly aware of their own risks and continues to support research that improves the quality of life for those battling the disease, with the hopes of finding a cure.

Bryar Bernard is a physician assistant in the Lymphoma Group at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and has practiced with the Hematology Oncology group at NYP-Columbia.  She is also on The Pink Agenda’s Leadership Council.  After serving as an “interpreter” during her mother’s breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, she learned that her most important job is to be a patient educator and she has become passionate about providing information to patients and family members in a digestible manner.

Samantha Golkin-Nigliazzo is a practicing attorney in New York City, a breast cancer survivor, an advocate for early screening for young at-risk women, a supporter of innovative research in the fight against breast cancer and is Vice President of The Pink Agenda's Board of Directors.  She's a graduate of Penn’s Masters of Applied Positive Psychology program and is currently writing a book about the power of relationships on health.  She has written a few articles for the Huffington Post - check them out here

Judy King works in strategic growth for Compass Real Estate in Dallas, Texas is on The Pink Agenda’s Leadership Council and is a double BRCA previvor.  After losing her mother, Nell, to her courageous breast cancer fight in 2006, Judy was determined to stay vigilant about her own health and made the decision to undergo a prophylactic double mastectomy in 2018.  She has shared her journey with friends, family, and strangers-alike through social media, support groups, and the podcast She’s Thriving.

Nicole Seagriff is an on-site medical director and nurse practitioner for a community health center.  She received her Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from Duke University with a research focus on screening for BRCA gene mutations.   Nicole is a young breast cancer survivor, advocates for breast health education, and believes in the importance of research. Nicole serves as President on The Pink Agenda's Board of Directors.  She's written for the Huffington Post, too - check that out here!

Erica Starr, a CPA and senior audit manager at KPMG, is a breast cancer survivor and a member of The Pink Agenda’s Board of Directors.  While going through treatment, Erica noticed the incredible advances in medicine since her own mother’s diagnosis, and while research has come far, she knows that so much needs to be done.  Erica passionately works to educate, raise awareness, and fundraise through The Pink Agenda.