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In early September 2020, Amanda’s first routine mammogram turned into a life altering moment. Three weeks later after further testing, it was confirmed that she had breast cancer. Amanda focused on her daughter in order to get through the treatment. Now on the other side of her diagnosis, Amanda has had the chance to ring the bell as cancer-free, but she is still processing so much of her journey.

FAB-U-WISH was thrilled to arrange for Amanda to have the opportunity to pamper herself! She enjoyed a shopping spree at Belk, one of her favorite retailers, to refresh her wardrobe as she begins this next chapter of her life.

Quote: “I didn’t realize how therapeutic this experience would be for me. It helped me realize that I need to take care of and love myself more and to allow myself to have feel-good moments more often. I truly thank you for granting me a FAB-U-WISH!”