Wish Granted Blog


Connie was always sure to get her regular mammograms and ultrasounds, but it was during a self-exam that she felt the small lump that changed her life. She received her diagnosis with no family history of breast cancer. Connie had been so focused on her treatment that she did not do much in the way of self-care. It has been a long journey and, as she starts to put the pieces back together, Connie’s wish was to have a bit of pampering that might help her feel more like herself. FAB-U-WISH was thrilled to arrange for Connie to receive hair extensions at a local salon.

Quote: “I can’t thank Giuliana and FAB-U-WISH enough for making my wish come true. As a woman who has been undergoing treatment for the last tow years, I was putting my beauty needs and care to the side. When my ‘wish came true’ I felt like even if my body is not back together yet, I could at least be more confident in my looks with my new long hair. I’m beyond grateful for this gift, and I love what FAB-U-WISH does for us strong, beautiful women.”