Wish Granted Blog


Anne, a 30-year old who recently received a clean bill of health was granted
her wish to throw a dinner party for the friends and family to thank them for all of their support. Throughout a difficult year, Anne was constantly overwhelmed with the kindness and love her friends and family showed her and wanted to host a party to express her gratitude. A St. Louis restaurant, Home Wine Kitchen, was happy to host– offering a wine and dinner pairing and an intimate private room. We helped Anne create an invitation and a small gift (ornaments) for each of her guests. TPA was lucky to have the opportunity to meet Anne when she came to NYC to visit friends after the party. It was such a treat to get to meet one of our FAB-U-WISH friends in person!

Anne shared the following with us – “I am forever grateful that FAB-U-WISH granted my wish. No amount of food and wine can express my love and appreciation for ‘Team Annie Bananie’ (the name of my support group), but it was an incredible feeling being able to do something for all of them. Thank you for allowing me that opportunity!”img2.jpgimg3.jpg