Wish Granted Blog


In the summer of 2019, at the age of 33, Deltra discovered a lump and shortly after received her breast cancer diagnosis. She immediately dove not only into treatment, but community and advocacy work. A mother to five young daughters, Deltra’s wish was to have a day of pampering with her children and mother and to show them that their own self-care is important and needs to be prioritized. We here at FAB-U-WISH were thrilled to arrange for Deltra and her family to enjoy manicures and pedicures at a local spa. Deltra and her mother were also able to return for an afternoon of additional pampering with massages.

Quote: “Cancer treatment and caregiving can run a body down. This wish helped me to relieve the tension my body experiences. It also gave me a lasting memory with my daughters. When I think of a girl’s day at a spa I think that’s a pretty common mother-daughter activity, especially when the daughters are adults. I didn’t want to miss out on having that experience with my girls. I loved watching them get pampered even more than being pampered myself. They’ve been through so much too, at a young age, and deserved a day like the one FAB-U-WISH gave us.”