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After overcoming thyroid cancer in her early 20s, Jodi was diagnosed with #breastcancer at the age of 43. Throughout it all, she and her family have remained positive as laughter is the best medicine! Jodi’s #FABUWISH was for a day of fun to share with her daughter. She wanted time to spend together and just focus on making memories. With the help of our friends at @kendrascott, we arranged for Jodi and her daughter to enjoy a day of pampering including shopping at some of their favorite retailers, lunch, and manicures and pedicures.

Quote: When I heard that I was granted a FAB-U-WISH, I was thrilled!  Being diagnosed with breast cancer has taught me to not worry about the little things and to enjoy each day with my family and friends. I plan to remain uplifting and teach others how far a positive attitude can go.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!