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Stephanie gave birth to a beautiful daughter and, while breastfeeding, she noticed a lump that her doctors suggested was simply a cyst. After fighting for an ultrasound, which led to additional tests, Stephanie was diagnosed with #breastcancer. At just 33 years old and mere months after welcoming her first child, Stephanie was in shock as there is no family history of the disease.


Just prior to her diagnosis, Stephanie and her family purchased a new home. Submitting an application on Stephanie’s behalf, her best friend Dana thought that Stephanie would love to get something new and special for her home to represent a fresh start as she continued through treatment. #FABUWISH was thrilled to arrange for Stephanie to enjoy a shopping experience at Pottery Barn, once of her favorite home décor stores. This new piece of furniture will remind Stephanie for years to come of the strength and endurance that she has displayed during this time.

Quote: “Having this oversized chair will give me a comfortable place to bond with my one-year-old daughter as I continue to recover. I hope to instill in her the traits of true kindness and generosity, provided to me by my best friend and FAB-U-WISH. Forever grateful for this wonderful gift!”