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A Fab-U-Wish for Kelsi

Kelsi’s breast cancer diagnosis came after finding a lump during a self-exam. Still in
treatment, Kelsi’s mentality is “This is not who I am, it is just what I have, and I won’t
have it for long.” Kelsi’s parents and siblings have been by her side since day one and
so her wish was to be able to take them out to a nice dinner to relax, spend time
together, and thank them for all their support. FAB-U-WISH, in partnership with our
amazing friends at Kendra Scott, arranged for Kelsi and her family to enjoy an evening
at Mancy’s Steakhouse. The team at Kenda Scott also sent Kelsi beautiful jewelry, which
she wore for this special night out.

Quote: “I am so grateful to FAB-U-WISH and The Pink Agenda for giving me and my
family the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company and to get a small escape from
everything going on.”