Wish Granted Blog


In May 2021, Roberta found a lump in the shower. That discovery led her to schedule a doctor’s appointment and, ultimately, her breast cancer diagnosis. Roberta underwent treatment with strength and courage and, while that part of her journey is complete, there are still so many daily reminders of all she endured. BCRF partner Ulta Beauty, one of Roberta’s favorite retailers, generously donated a gift card and gift bag for her wish, and the FAB-U-WISH team was thrilled to arrange for Roberta to enjoy a shopping spree for all of her hair, skin, and beauty needs!

Quote: “It’s been almost two years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I had no idea back then that up to this day I would be dealing with side effects. I had a great time during my shopping spree and will be going back to Ulta to repurchase some products that I discovered and loved. Thank you to FAB-U-WISH and The Pink Agenda for giving me this opportunity!”