Wish Granted Blog


Traci received her her breast cancer diagnosis in the early months of the pandemic. Though initially terrified and overwhelmed, she has a wonderful support system of friends and family who helped her get through her treatment. Traci purchased a home just a month prior to discovering her breast cancer. With the help of our friends Kendra Scott, FAB-U-WISH arranged for Traci to enjoy a shopping spree at Lowe’s to help her create a special place to spend time with her loved ones.

Quote: “I must say that I was very shocked and surprised to be chosen as a FAB-U-WISH recipient. It was so uplifting to my spirit to know that my story mattered. I chose to get a Lowe’s gift card to build a fire pit area in my backyard. We have spent many evenings sitting around the fire pit and having great conversations. I am so grateful I was chosen to have my wish granted! I know it isn’t an easy process to select recipients, and I will always cherish being a part of the FAB-U-WISH family!”